Tips for Charity Donation Pick Ups

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Be Organized, Be Resourceful, Relocate

Charities can be selective, understandably, about what items they accept and what areas they serve.   Following are some tips to help make your donation process easier:

  1. Plan and book your pick up several weeks ahead for your donation deadline.
  2. Educate yourself on what charities will accept your items.  You may need to schedule more than 1 charity pick up.
  3. Learn what causes the charities support – maybe you have a favorite cause you prefer to donate to!
  4. Day Before Pick Up:  Have your items packaged and set out.  Most charities require you to set items outside your home or in your garage, due to insurance restrictions.

If you have last minute needs and no pick up is available, some options are:

  1. Rent a truck or van from Home Depot, UHaul or Zipcar and do it yourself.  This is a good option if you have only 1-2 stops or plenty of extra time to make more stops.
  2. Hire a hauling service.  The great thing about hiring a service is that they will take everything, including your garbage and undonatables, for a flat rate.  They sort everything back at home base and deliver it respectively.

Here are a few Northwest Charities who Provide Pick Ups:

Northwest Center

Habitat for Humanity


Salvation Army


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