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Finding Home: The Real Journey of Making Space for You!

Exceptional Connections | Episode 20 | October 7, 2020 | 61 Minutes

Join the 20th episode of “Conversations to Connect – Let’s Get Real!” as Cyndi O’Neill-Dady hosts Amy Woidtke, an expert in intertwining personal growth with professional organizing. In “Finding Home: The Real Journey of Making Space for You,” they delve into the profound relationship between our inner selves and our physical spaces. The discussion highlights how the state of our mind and emotions deeply influences our living environments and vice versa. Amy, with over 15 years of experience, shares insights and stories from her journey of helping others find their sense of ‘home’ through organizing and re-visioning their spaces. This conversation is not just about rearranging items but understanding the emotional and personal transformation that comes with creating a space that reflects and supports one’s life journey.

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The 425 Show by Nicole Mangina

May 19, 2020 | 28 Minutes

In this episode, Nicole Mangina hosts Amy Woidtke, the dynamic owner of Making Space For You. Known for her “time-saving, clutter-busting, move-wrangling” organization skills, Amy is dedicated to assisting growth-oriented professionals in creating more space in their lives. Whether navigating through divorce, accommodating an elderly parent, or seeking a simple refresh of living space, Amy offers comprehensive support from the beginning to the end of each project. Her passion and commitment shine through as she helps clients reclaim time, energy, and enjoyment in their lives.

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FOUNDERS LIVE by Nick Hughes

Season 1, Episode 46 | May 10, 2020 | 36 Minutes

Join Nick Hughes as he welcomes Amy Woidtke, the innovative mind behind Making Space For You. Operating from Seattle, WA, Amy’s organization service is tailored for growth-oriented LGBTQ & Allied Professionals & Entrepreneurs, focusing on time-saving and clutter-busting techniques. The discussion delves deep into Amy’s experiences during COVID-19, the shifting dynamics of travel and relocation, and her journey to discovering her organizational prowess. Aimed at individuals facing life’s challenges and stressors, this episode offers insights and inspiration for anyone looking to reset their personal and professional spaces.

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Apartment Therapy is a popular home and decor site offering inspiration and practical advice for enhancing living spaces, renowned for its accessible and budget-friendly design solutions. Founded by Maxwell Ryan in 2001, it serves millions worldwide with interior design ideas, DIY tips, and real home tours.

Apartment Therapy Feature

Amy Woidtke’s Innovative Shoe Storage Solutions

In an article focused on creative ways to store shoes without a mudroom or closet, Apartment Therapy taps into the expertise of Amy Woidtke, a professional organizer known for her innovative and space-saving solutions. The article, penned by Ashley Abramson, explores various strategies for managing footwear in homes where space is at a premium.

Cubby Storage
Dedicated shoe cabinets are usually relatively shallow, but if you have floor space to spare, you can consider any cabinet or shelf that goes with your entryway or home decor—like IKEA’s KALLAX cube shelf, says Amy Woidtke, a professional organizer. Shoes can go directly in the cubbies below, or in baskets or bins in the cubbies. And, if you put a cushion on top, it doubles as a sitting bench for taking shoes on and off, she ads.

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