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Welcome to our dedicated Partnership Page, where we forge strategic alliances to enhance and support your professional services. We are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of partners, including:
Realtors ● Stagers ● Therapists ● Divorce Lawyers ● Marriage Counselors

Our goal is to complement your offerings, providing additional value to your clients through our specialized services.

Services Tailored for Your Clients’ Needs

We understand the complexities and emotional nuances involved in life transitions. Therefore, we offer a range of services tailored to support your clients, whether they are preparing for a sale, managing an estate, or seeking remote/virtual assistance. Our services are especially beneficial for those selling their property while traveling or living out of the area.

Our ‘Done for You or With You’ Approach

We believe in flexibility and adaptability. Our services are designed to be either fully managed by us (Done for You) or in collaboration with your clients (Done with You), depending on their preferences and needs.

Partner Packages

Our Partner Packages are specifically designed to provide tangible support to your clients. Choose from 3 or 4 hours of our ‘Get It Done’ support, ideal for situations when your client needs to accelerate their efforts or is facing challenges in managing their tasks.

These packages can be utilized for things like:

Project Planning

  • Engage in a detailed discussion to understand the scope and requirements of the move or organization project.
  • Develop a step-by-step plan, including timelines and resource allocation for tasks like packing, cleaning, and relocating.

Scheduling Estimates and Services

  • Contact service providers (movers, haulers, cleaners, etc.) to obtain estimates.
  • Schedule the necessary services, ensuring all are aligned with the project timeline.

Accountability Support

  • Provide motivation and guidance to keep the client on track with pre-move tasks or organizing goals.
  • Check in on progress, help prioritize tasks, and adjust plans as necessary.

Editing / Downsizing

  • Conduct a session to sort through items, deciding what to keep, donate, sell, or discard.
  • Begin the physical downsizing process, organizing items into designated categories for easy transition.

This exclusive offer is available for purchase by our valued partners, aiming to benefit your clients directly. If you want to learn more about services we offer that may fit into these packages, view our services pages for Relocate | Organize or reach out to Amy to discuss your project needs.

Remote Collaboration

Are you or your clients selling locally while traveling or living in a different area? We offer remote collaboration, having achieved great success in working with clients who are not physically present due to business travels, vacations, or living in another state or country.

Special Offer for Realtors

We invite realtors to consider a unique opportunity: Have us present at your team meeting to discuss the mutual benefits for you and your clients. Interested in learning more? Book us for your next team meeting.

Get It Done

Partner Packages

25% Off Service Hours

3-Hour Package

$290. Comprehensive support. Perfect for accelerating project momentum. Includes project planning and downsizing.

4-Hour Package

$390. Extensive support. Ideal for tackling larger, more complex tasks. Expanded coordination for various services

What We Can Help With

We offer a comprehensive list of services to support your clients in various aspects, including:

• Downsize and Declutter
• Home Sale Preparation
• Estate Clearing
• Support and Assistance
• Remote Client Coordination
• New Home Organization
• Project Planning
• Project Management
• Third-Party Coordination
• Space Rejuvenation
• Accountability Support
• Eco-Friendly Disposal
• Donation Coordination

The Details

Exclusive to partners like realtors, stagers, and interior designers. Exclusively available for purchase by Partners for enhancing client satisfaction. Can be used for scheduling estimates and services (movers, haulers, cleaners, etc.). Includes accountability support and project planning. Each package is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

When a client of mine needed help decluttering his house, Amy came to the rescue again. The place had been rented to some messy people, but Amy took charge of which items to move to storage, which to donate and which to toss. She has tons of resources so hiring her means that fewer items wind up in the landfill. She has leads for practically anything that you want to part with and the client gets left feeling that they made an extra contribution to a person who can use their unwanted stuff. I highly recommend Amy and Making Space for You!

Padraic Jordan, Managing Broker

Windermere, Seattle, WA

Amy has helped several clients and has made their lives SO much easier! She has helped clients who’ve lived in their home for 38 years clear decades of stuff. She found new life for their furnishings with charities instead of the landfill. They didn’t know where to begin, and she made it easy. Another group of clients had to sell their deceased father’s house from across the country. They never set foot in Washington, and Amy was able to work closely with them remotely. Things that could be sold were sold, things that could be used by charities were donated, and food was taken to the food bank. She makes tough challenges manageable. Cross country moves, clearing out a longtime home, remote move-ins – Amy can do it all and make it feel easy.

Gretchen Schmidt, Managing Broker

Metropolist, Seattle, WA

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