How do you work with clients?

Amy works both at your location and remotely, depending on project needs.  Generally, sessions are 3-6 hour sessions by appointment.   For recurring needs, you can book the same day(s) and time, if you like.

I’m super embarrassed about my space and the chaos that has taken over.  I’m embarrassed to even have you see it.  I’m sure it’s the worst you’ve ever seen.

This is a common comment from clients and almost always, someone has a space that is worse than yours.  No matter how “worse” it is though – this is a SHAME FREE ZONE.  Amy is honored to be trusted with your call for help and she is not here to make you feel bad for where you are at – only to help you feel better through the empowerment of organizing sessions with you!

Do I need to clean up before you come over for our first meet?

Nope.  Relax – it’s ok and it’s best if Amy can see things as they really are so she can be of the best help for you.

How do you bill and and what forms of payment do you accept?

Sessions are purchased online in pre-paid packages through Amy’s booking system.  Payment in cash or check is accepted by arrangement, as well as payments in installment.

What if I need you to purchase items for me?

Items are purchased for you using the amazing Akimbo pre-paid mastercard.  It’s free to sign up, load and track online – so cool!   For recurring needs, you can have it automatically reloaded so you never need to worry about funds.  It also sends texts messages when purchases are made and when the balance reaches a set low amount to remind you to reload it.

Alternatively, you purchase pre-paid one use or reloadable visa/mastercards at grocery and drugstores.  This is a good option when purchasing needs are on a time-sensitive, more immediate deadline.

What about issues of safety, security and confidentiality?  I have a high need for that.

Amy has a high need for the same.  She has developed her own unique coded system for secure information that only she knows.  Amy is also slightly OC so your burners, heat and locks will always be checked and double checked before she leaves.  Chalk it up to being the product of 2 fire fighters 😉

All confidential information that Amy comes into knowledge of as your assistant shall remain as such.  No speaky speaky. 🙂


Seattle, Washington


+1 206.818.9102


Office:  Tuesday - Saturday
9 AM - 5 PM PST
Services:  Sunday - Saturday

8 AM - 5 PM PST


During this time, Amy is offering supportive remote services.  Katrina and Rachel are available for on-site. Learn more about us here or schedule a call.


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