Amy Woidtke, BA – Psychology
Founder & Lead Organizer

On old piles of stuff…”How well nature has understood that, every year, she must change her leaves, her flowers, her fruit and her vegetables, and make manure out of the mementos of her year!
~ Jules Renard

Amy Woidtke (woid-key) is the greater Seattle professional organizer turning couple’s stressful home transitions into peaceful, new beginnings.  With over 15 years of experience, she guides clients through organizing and relocation so they can experience more time, energy, and a renewed sense of home.

Amy is never happier than when checking things off your list, making spaces “just right,” and turning your “deer in the headlights” expression into a victorious smile. Whether in before, during, or after transition chaos, merging and separating couples can breathe deeply, relax – and even have fun as Amy helps them navigate their experience more gracefully with her team support, time-saving system and resources.

Amy’s organizing talent is inherited from her parents. As early as 4th grade, Amy was regularly organizing her room and other areas in #TheHousethatWoidtkeBuilt. However, Amy didn’t set out to become a pro organizer. She graduated UC Davis in psychology to be a counselor and make a difference in the quality of people’s lives. When she realized that wasn’t the right fit, Amy began trying on admin hats at companies that made a difference. 6 years later, after Amy had reorganized everything in sight, her manager said, “You’re really good at organizing. Have you ever considered becoming a professional organizer?” The rest is herstory, including organizing over 20 of her own home relocations!

What makes Amy stand apart? She can connect with just about anyone, considers clients like family, sees things from “both sides of the table,” customizes your space to your natural learning style, and is eco-passionate. Amy practices re-use, re-purpose, and sustainable purchasing whenever possible. She is also committed to giving back and being a voice for equal living amongst all beings.  AW is a safe space for the LGBTQ and allied community.

Her expertise has earned her awards from Houzz and Fresh Chalk. She has delighted audiences of The 425 Show, Founders Live, GSBA, Rain City Referrals, Metropolist Group, Exceptional Connections, Chat with Women radio, and as the green lifestyle and interiors columnist for

Three things about Amy and her experience that may surprise and delight you – while serving your work together:

  • She encourages clients to donate reusable belongings to Humble Design, a non-profit turning house into homes for families transitioning out of homelessness.
  • She was raised by entrepreneur parents in the design-build industry who taught her skills she brings forward in her work today.
  • To date, Amy has received 5-star reviews, exclusively.

When she’s not guiding couples in transition, Amy is hanging out with her partner, family, and community.  She admits to spending entire days nerding out on creative stuff while watching movies and TV series.  Amy also loves volunteering, dancing, and being at the waterfront.


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