Your Move Done for You

Feeling your eyes cross as you think about your move?  Are you a Neatnik or a Neatnot losing your mind while trying to move with your opposite style partner?  We’ll take care of you.  Our concierge home moving experience handles all aspects from planning, purging, and pre listing support to packing, moving and new home set up. Consider us your one-stop shop for home relocation.

• Visioning:  Guided support to discover the vision for your perfect home environment.
• Project Planning:  All aspects from downsize and declutter to new home set up.
• Coordinate and Schedule Services:  Painters, Plumbers, Packers, Movers, Storage, Cleaners, Haulers, Charities, Sellers, Handyfolk, etc.
• Downsize and Declutter:  Move and live with only what you love, need, and use!
• Responsible Destination:  Donate, gift, sell, and recycle whenever possible.
• Select Packing:  When you feel sensitive about movers packing your intimates, etc.
• Space Energy Clearing:  Out with the old and in with the new!
• New Home Set up:  Layout, unpack, and nesting everything into place.
• New Habit Support:  Support creating healthy new habits to accompany your renewed home space.
• Nest Maintenance:  Seasonal support to keep your space clutter-free and season-centric.


Your personalized home organize, remodel support, and relocate services can be provided in person and by video. After your complimentary consult call, we customize an estimate just for you!  We are happy to offer a reduced rate at the 12, 24 and 36 hour levels.  

Giving Back
If you are on a limited income, please contact us to discuss our reduced rate and scholarship options.

All services are inclusive of tolls and mileage within a 30-minute radius of Northgate. Outside of 30 minutes and when ferries are required, additional fees may apply.

Twice in the past two years I have found myself having to suddenly move. Both times Amy has been my absolute life saver. She shows up when she says she will, has a bright and cheerful attitude and works hard. Amy has packed, unpacked and helped organize my new home, TWICE! She makes really helpful suggestions and see’s easy solutions to space or design problems. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. If you need someone you can trust, someone who will find the solution for you and make your life easier, Amy is the assistant of your dreams. Ohhh, and dogs love her, too. 🙂

Ozzy G

Seattle, WA


Seattle, Washington


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During this time, Amy is offering supportive remote services.  Katrina and Rachel are available for on-site. Learn more about us here or schedule a call.


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