Amy and her team are warm, fun and very efficient. They don’t judge you or make you feel pressured to throw things away. They also love what they do and it makes a huge difference. I am so glad that I found out about Amy!

Qingqing Miao

Seattle, WA

Amy made a complicated move so simple, I wasn’t even present for any of it. She moved me out of an apartment, packing everything.

She handled the lease end and inspection, even returning my comcast equipment. Put my belongings in storage until my home was ready for move and and then when the new property was ready, she handled the move in. I wasn’t there for any of that and just arrived weeks later to my new home with everything ready for me.

Just amazing!!! It was by far the most pleasant and painless move of my life and would not hesitate a second to engage Amy’s services again. I really can’t imagine moving without using Amy.

Jeff Hameluck

Bellevue, WA

Amy offers top quality professional services. I had several organizing projects that I could not seem to get going. She stepped in firmly but gently and offered both the big picture view on where and how to get started and paid close attention to the details. She has many great resources, a can-do attitude and very strong communication skills. She listens well with her ears and heart. I highly recommend Amy for any type of home or personal organizing project. She is the rare professional that works with high integrity in all she does.

Lin H.

Seattle, WA

Right when we were managing a complex and emotionally charged move out of a place we’d been in for a long time to something smaller, my partner’s mother passed away, and I had to finish the move alone while working full-time and only getting to visit family ever-so-briefly for the memorial service 🙁

Amy, you saved me from myself: You helped me through the feelings, the overwhelming decisions, the hard choices to let go of things that matter more to me than I cared to admit, making exceptions and keeping some things, but not everything,
estimating correctly how many boxes, what size, what size truck, etc. Packing was EASY after that!

Thank you for hiring the right movers for me, and making sure everything went smoothly, because it was an emotional enough time as it was.

My partner was happy with every decision you helped me make in their absence, and so am I.

I wish we had thought to hire you without a death in the family – the difference in stress-level and the amount of closure I felt taping up every box has been PRICELESS, and I’ve been glad and grateful for all the years since.

Thank you, Amy, for making my move, and all the moves I’ve referred you for, potent-but-gentle transformations.

Briana Jacoba

Seattle, WA

We had the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE working with Amy to manage all of the details of moving out of a family condo while living abroad. She took care of 100% of the details remotely, communicated every detail extremely well, reminded me when I needed reminding, and brought her amazing personality energy, and good vibes to the move. I didn’t think that this move would be easy or fun, and she helped to make both come true. I would recommend Amy without reservation!

Eric Siegel

Bellevue, WA

I engaged Amy and her team because I needed some help selling our Seattle house and sorting through all of the stuff. We had made the decision to sell swiftly, our listing deadline was in 3 weeks and we had almost zero time to handle this. We needed help downsizing, hauling, donating, packing, moving, and storing. I was DREADING this move. In the middle of move season and the coronavirus pandemic, Amy and Katrina handled all the details – and we wrapped a day earlier than expected. They are amazing and made it so much easier than I imagined.

Abe Gates

Seattle, WA

Absolutely The Best!
We had no idea about where or how to start the process of “downsizing” and moving from our home of 35 years.  After researching moving specialists, organizers and other resources, I came across Amy in the GSBA Resources and I’m glad I found her.  Thank you GSBA!

Our situation involved downsizing from a 3-story, 3100 sq. ft. house to a 1-floor, 2100 sq.ft. condo.  From the start, Amy was very positive and more than willing to assist us with this daunting move. She reviewed what support and services she thought we would need and developed a proposal/plan on how to make our move happen as smoothly and painless as possible. Talk about thorough and organized, Amy is all that and more. Her proposal was complete and very detailed, and she always welcomed input from me on how it was being developed. I/we were included every step of the way.

From decluttering our previous home to unpacking in our new space, Amy’s team expertly facilitated every step of our move.  Each detail of our move was covered, and then some! Her communications were always clear, and I/we don’t know how we could have accomplished our move any better. Scheduling was very flexible and timely. We can’t think of how anything could have been done any more efficiently.

If you need help and support with moving, downsizing or organizing, I highly recommend Amy Woidtke: Making Space For You!  If ever we need to move again, Amy would be one of the first people I’d contact. Thanks Amy, Nicole and Katrina for all you did to support our move, which was no small task!

RSJ and MT

Seattle, WA

I just finished a consultant call with Amy. She impressed me from before we even chatted and carried that through to the moment I hung up. Her systems are so consumer-friendly. It was easy to book a meeting, she knew exactly what I was looking for. She made me feel valued and cared for. I’m super eager to work on a number of projects with her.

Jana Schmidt

Renton, WA

Amy and Rachel helped us organize our stuff while we made room for a painting project. After 13 years of living in our home and taking shortcuts with our clean-up routines, things were a bit scattered and mixed together. We managed to clear out things we hadn’t used in ages, organize and consolidate our shelves, and pare down our duplicate items. We have room for stuff now – and combined with the fresh paint, it feels like a new house! The organizing and purging will never truly be done, but when we need help along the way, we will definitely call Amy!

Lara Grauer

Seattle, WA

I needed organization done for a storage room that I have just been throwing stuff into for a year now. Amy’s team was amazing!! They also did my kitchen cabinets, and my closet/shoes, and helped me put together a home office. Their work exceeded my expectations!! I had never hired an organizer before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I am beyond thrilled!! Having my house organized now has literally helped me mentally….just seeing the organization is calming.

I asked her if they have a “maintenance” program, and they do! This will help me keep on track with things piling up, and my just throwing things into a room or a pile in the closet. Thank you Amy!

Allison Lasher

Seattle, WA

If you are looking for a business with responsible, reliable, hardworking and talented workers, look no further. Amy is service oriented and cares about her clients needs. Communication is incredible. I had the pleasure of working with Katrina. Fantastic job! I am so appreciative.

Jan D.

Seattle, WA

I contacted Amy to help me find movers for a challenging, short notice move.  Before she connected me with her movers, Amy connected with the move company owner to make sure they could help me with my specific needs.  She then connected me directly with the owner and within a few days, I had my move date booked.  When the day arrived, the movers did a wonderful job!  Amy also helped me figure how much to tip the movers AND referred me to carpet cleaners who took great care of me for a very fair price!

Sunny A.

Tukwila, WA

Amy and her team did a fantastic job! Having your worldly possessions arrive in a moving van during a pandemic definitely adds an extra layer of stress. Amy sent a wonderful team member to check in boxes and direct the movers. The pre-organizing they did with signs and room by room instructions provided a roadmap when the movers showed up, making things go as smoothly as possible. The next day, she came back to set up our whole kitchen and then spent a few hours unpacking other critical items. We highly recommend Making Space for You!

Marla & Jim

Seattle, WA

We hired Amy to piece our basement back together after it flooded. The movers had simply unloaded all our stuff in a heap but within a few hours Amy had totally transformed the space for us. Her attention to each detail make her the perfect person for the job. We highly recommend Amy to anyone who needs to take their space back or anyone looking at a move!

Padraic Jordan

Seattle, WA

I hired Amy Woidtke to makeover my entire home! I was overwhelmed and anxious about how to begin since I was a new single mom at the time, with two young children. Her process is unique and effective. She gave me easy tools to continue to use even after she’s complete with the project. She is professional and compassionate—-absolute delight to work with. I’m finally at peace in my home, inspired by all the “space she made for me.”

Single Mother

Lynnwood, WA

I think it was nothing short of a miracle that we found you.  And I will also add it probably saved our marriage during a very tense time.  Having a third person took away the stress of being so different in our approach to moving and organization.  I liken it to the old adage that you should never teach your own children or spouse how to drive or ski.  Hahahahaha!  Having another person outside the relationship to help teach or navigate is incredibly helpful.  Having you there helped both of us to not hate the other person during the process.

And the funny thing is, or perhaps a benefit of having you help us with the move is, that now I am a little bit looser about cleanliness and organization and he is a ton better about forking everything and putting things away.

You were organized, helpful, had a great sense of humor, had terrific systems that you taught us, helped me realize that tasks were doable when they seemed overwhelming.  Having a connection to folks that helped with dump runs, Goodwill, recycling was HUGE.

Also having one on one help separately was really good.  Because there were times that I couldn’t even be in his rooms that were so full of stuff. It was also helpful to have homework that we could accomplish before we saw you again.

H & J

Scotland, UK

When Martha Stewart was a little girl and dreamed of a well-ordered, perfectly planned, synchronized universe, her dreams were but a paltry shadow of the multi-tasking, productive wonder that is Amy.  Her presence on any task inspires confidence. Rest assured, decisions will be made. Things will get done. And you will behold the result, and rejoice, for it is good.
Tanya E

Seattle, WA

Amy has packed, unpacked and helped organize my new home, TWICE! She makes really helpful suggestions and sees easy solutions to space or design problems.

I have used her as an on-call person for my business as well and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. If you need someone you can trust, someone who will find the solutions for you and make your life easier, Amy is the assistant of your dreams. Ohhh, and dogs love her, too. 🙂

Ozzy G

Seattle, WA

I hired Amy Woidtke and her Making Space for You team, to help move my personal residence, including downsizing, this past year. I’m CEO of a business and travel often so preparing for a move was going to be an impossible feat.

Amy was recommended to me be another business colleague. Amy reached out to me and asked to schedule an onsite visit where she took the time to understand my needs and priorities, learn a little bit about me and what I had going on with my business and then conducted an initial assessment of my home. As a result of that meeting, I, next, timely received a comprehensive and detailed quote for services and after signing on the dotted line, Amy set about preparing my house and I for the move.

Amy and her team got the job done!  One of the aspects of the move that stands out for the most is that I got to host a dinner party in my new home, the same day that I moved. How does that happen?  It happens because of Amy and her team.  Amy and her team were professional, proactive and left no detail out.

Kirsten C

Seattle, WA

Amy is a complete professional and a lot of fun to work with.  She has a wonderful focussed energy, real enthusiasm and competence for her work, and a rugged sense of humor that never falters. I am so glad I found her to help me pack for my move from Seattle to California last year! I would recommend her services to anyone.


Seattle, WA

I contacted Amy because she is a trusted professional who I knew could help me organize my garage, my office and other parts of my home.  As a busy entrepreneur I needed help getting this done efficiently.  Now everything has it’s place and I can see the garage floor again.  It feels good to release so much of the “old stuff” that was no longer serving us! Thank you Amy!

Jessica P.

Bellevue, WA

Overall, the way that Amy perceives the bigger picture for her clients, at times, is even greater than the awareness the client currently holds about their own needs. Amy goes above and beyond any organizer that I have previously enlisted to help me with my space, in that her acute intuition and detail-oriented action plans have yielded the results you would expect from a polished professional housekeeper, administrative assistant, and human resources expert rolled into one person. She has managed a number of contractors on my behalf with almost flawless results. She has never backed down from a reasonable task request as long it falls naturally within her finely tuned skill set. Amy is truly one of a kind with a plethora of knowledge to share, oodles of resources, and a friendly, cheery disposition.
Ruby Rayne

Redmond, WA, Moto.Red Design House LLC

Over the past 7 years Amy has supported my husband and myself in our home and businesses. She is amazing at organizing chaos, creating systems and being an extra set of hands.  Amy has been an invaluable support to getting large projects done and streamlining business processes and so we can be more effective sharing our genius with others and spending time doing what we love.

You did such an amazing job getting us packed up and moved.  I always appreciate your honesty and integrity, which is why I feel comfortable with you having access to my personal space, financials and business inventory.

Danielle H

Seattle, WA

Twice in the past two years I have found myself having to suddenly move. Both times Amy has been my absolute life saver. She shows up when she says she will, has a bright and cheerful attitude and works hard.
Ozzy G

Seattle, WA

Amy is incredibly dependable, positive, and brings joy to everything that she does! She is truly a person who wants to help and serve others. A rare find in this day and age! No job is too much to ask of her. If it can help you out, that’s what she wants to do.
Emily L

Seattle, WA


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