Now Offering Virtual Organizing & Move Management Services!

Free Gift: New Home Visioning

Great spaces begin with the end in mind.  The visioning will guide you to discover yours!


Time Saving, Clutter Busting, Move Wrangling Organizer

for Go-Getter LGBTQ & Allied Professionals & Entrepreneurs.

Free Gift – New Home Visioning

Great spaces begin with the end in mind.  This visioning exercise will guide you to discover your empowering new home!


Make Room to Thrive

Personal space is important to a healthy mind. Amy will help you create systems and put everything in its place for those in throes of residential woes.


Your Move Done for You

You’ve got a busy life there! Amy can handle all aspects of your move for you — from planning and packing to new home or office set up.

When Martha Stewart was a little girl and dreamed of a well-ordered, perfectly planned, synchronized universe, her dreams were but a paltry shadow of the multi-tasking, productive wonder that is Amy. When world leaders envision an éminence grise to keep the wheels of progress spinning, Amy fills their mind’s eye. She is the lion tamer that keeps all your beasties purring; the juggler that keeps the flaming batons spinning; the ring leader that keeps the crowds cheering; the acrobat on the high wire that inspires oooo’s and ahhhh’s from the crowd. Her presence on any task inspires confidence. Rest assured, decisions will be made. Things will get done. And you will behold the result, and rejoice, for it is good.
Tanya E

Seattle, WA


Seattle, Washington


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Sunday - Saturday
8 AM - 6 PM PST
(Sun, Mon reserved for Move Day/New Home Set Up)


Currently, I am offering supportive remote services to provide assistance to those who want to make the most of their time during social distancing and shelter in place orders.


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