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Free Gift: New Home Visioning

Great spaces begin with the end in mind.  The visioning will guide you to discover yours!

Guiding individuals & couples in transition to revision or relocate their residence so they can experience more time, energy and a renewed sense of mind, heart and home.

Free Gift – New Home Visioning

Great spaces begin with the end in mind.  This visioning exercise will guide you to discover your empowering new home!* 

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Make Room to Thrive

Personal space is important to a healthy mind. Amy will help you create systems and put everything in its place for those in throes of residential woes.


Your Move Done for You

You’ve got a busy life there! Amy can handle all aspects of your move for you — from planning and packing to new home set up.

I think it was nothing short of a miracle that we found you.  And I will also add it probably saved our marriage during a very tense time.  Having a third person took away the stress of being so different in our approach to moving and organization.  I liken it to the old adage that you should never teach your own children or spouse how to drive or ski.  Hahahahaha!  Having another person outside the relationship to help teach or navigate is incredibly helpful.  Having you there helped both of us to not hate the other person during the process.

And the funny thing is, or perhaps a benefit of having you help us with the move is, that now I am a little bit looser about cleanliness and organization and he is a ton better about forking everything and putting things away.

You were organized, helpful, had a great sense of humor, had terrific systems that you taught us, helped me realize that tasks were doable when they seemed overwhelming.  Having a connection to folks that helped with dump runs, Goodwill, recycling was HUGE.

Also having one on one help separately was really good.  Because there were times that I couldn’t even be in his rooms that were so full of stuff. It was also helpful to have homework that we could accomplish before we saw you again.

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During this time, Amy is offering supportive remote services and Katrina is available for on-site. Learn more about us here or schedule a call.


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