Are you ready to create more space and time in your life? Overwhelmed clients in Greater Seattle consider professional organizer and assistant Amy their own secret weapon. She helps busy, growth-oriented professionals, who are serious about delegating and getting organized, to transform their lives by freeing up their time, energy and physical space through Home and Office Organizing, Move Management and Lifestyle Maintenance. Amy is like your own personal super hero, taking lives to the next level one smile at a time!

Which services do YOU need to create more space and time in your life?  Take action today for your transformation!  Book your complimentary consult with Amy to chat about freeing up your time, energy and physical space.


Make Room to Thrive

Personal space is important to a healthy mind. Amy will help you create systems and put everything in its place for those in throes of residential woes.

  • Declutter: Rooms, closets, cabinets, drawers.
  • Organize Stuff: Create systems & places for everything.
  • Organize Files: Computers & papers.
  • Downsize & Designate: Recycle, donate, sell or toss.
  • Coordinate: 3rd party services for donate, sell, consign.
  • Liaison: Contractors for large furniture & heavy/large artwork.
  • Assemble & Hang: Small to medium furniture & art.
  • Coach: Habit assessment & retraining.


Your Move Done for You

You’ve got a busy life there! Amy can handle all aspects of your move for you — from planning and packing to new home set up.

  • Manage: All aspects of move from pack to new home set up.
  • Coordinate: 3rd party services – Movers, cleaners, haulers, donate, sell, consign.
  • Research & Changes: New services, accounts and furniture/décor.
  • Downsize & Designate: Recycle, donate, sell or toss.
  • Pack: Boxing & labeling.
  • Set up: New home layout, unpack and organize.
  • Assemble & Hang: Small to medium furniture & art.
  • Pick up: Arrange box and packaging removal.


Keep Moving Forward

You are on a roll, so don’t lose that momentum. Amy will handle the paperwork, errands, and skillfully keep that ball from dropping like a brick.

  • Run: Errands.
  • Liaison: Contractors & service providers.
  • File: File papers & create new files.
  • Tidy: Everything in its place.
  • Launder: Wash, dry, fold & put away.
  • Shop: Personal, business & retreat.
  • Taxi: People & pets.
  • Wrap: Gift wrapping.


Organize the Flow

CEOs from all walks are notorious for not delegating. Let Amy be your “MoneyPenny” or “Pepper Potts” to keep your projects on course and on time.

  • Schedule: Book & maintain calendar
  • Greet: Clients, customers & service providers
  • Liaison: Client & service provider communications
  • Purchase: Office & event supplies
  • Ship: Order fulfillment
  • Research: Find who & what you need
  • Nourish: Maintain food & beverage center
  • Wrap: Gift wrapping
  • Assemble: Products and packages.

Rates + Packages

Your personalized, boutique organizing & assistant services are generally provided in 3-6 hour sessions/increments via pre-paid sessions or packages.  Savings are built in to each super-charged package, customized to fit your needs and inclusive of tolls and mileage.

Relocate services are provided through estimate and invoicing, at the same great rate, with the same amazing discounts applied!

If you prefer to pay as you go, choose Tidy Up ($225 – 3 hours).

Frest Start

New Beginning

Complete Overhaul

Twice in the past two years I have found myself having to suddenly move. Both times Amy has been my absolute life saver. She shows up when she says she will, has a bright and cheerful attitude and works hard. Amy has packed, unpacked and helped organize my new home, TWICE! She makes really helpful suggestions and see’s easy solutions to space or design problems. I have used her as a an on-call person for my business as well and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. If you need someone you can trust, someone who will find the solution for you and make your life easier, Amy is the assistant of your dreams. Ohhh, and dogs love her, too. 🙂
Ozzy G

Seattle, WA

I can highly recommend Amy as a personal assistant; she is extremely trust worthy, creative in finding solutions and provides a positive and uplifting energy. She is a pleasure to work with.
Dr. Friedemann Schaub

Seattle, WA

Amy has more energy and great attitude than anyone you will ever meet. I knew she’d take great care of my pets and home while I traveled, and the pets would be happy in my absence. She can take on many types of jobs aside from that, and hope to work with her again in the future.
Gemma Barbara Brown

Seattle, WA