calendar datePutting important dates on your calendar may not be rocket science, but if you’re a busy person who flies by the seat of your pants, you may suffer from “Important Date Sneak Attacks.”

Important Date Sneak Attacks are dates, often involving a bill, that you need to know every year – or almost every year – and every year, they sneak up on you, leaving you to take action in a frenzy, last minute.  Sometimes you even get a “naughty notice” in the mail that you forgot your important date, when you are sure the last one passed “just yesterday.” Ug.

I used to suffer from Important Date Sneak Attacks – until I had the “brain child” idea to actually add these events to my calendar so I wouldn’t have any more sneak attacks.  Woa – Light bulb moment, I know.  😉  But hey, sometimes the obvious escapes us.

Now I am well-prepared in advance for the following important dates, every year, so I thought I’d share them with you so you too, can cross off Important Date Sneak Attacks as a experience in your life.

  1. Dec. 31 – Jan, 1: Record end of year mileage
  2. Car tab renewal
  3. Driver license renewal
  4. Business license renewal
  5. Taxes – Annual, estimated, city, state and federal

Now, don’t just post the Due Date.  They key is to give yourself some warning time by writing the appointment something like this:

Renew Drivers License by 07/28/16.

Set your time frame to be 10 days ahead of the due date, plus a few days after, in case you miss taking action on time.

Don’t forget to mark the event as an annual – or otherwise – occurrence!  Now you are on your way to avoiding Important Date Sneak Attacks.  GO YOU!