598773_10151127576348673_471999982_nDoes your day start off running and before you know it, you’ve done nothing that feels productive towards your important items for the day?

Ever feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and need to hit the reset button?

The following tips are my methods of choice for setting my PMA (positive mental attitude) and setting up for a productive day:

3 Gratitudes, No Repeats

I start my day with gratitudes (and coffee!).  MK Mueller, author of 8 to Great, says “you can change your life in 90 seconds a day.”  The basic premise is:  State or write 3 gratitudes, never using the same gratitude twice.  She says “Gratitudes make you feel good and when you feel good, good things happen.”

I love her gratitude sandwich: 1 past, 1 present, 1 future.

Once you have done your Daily 3, you can repeat ones from before, which is great for attracting things and experiences you want.  Be grateful for it as if it already is.  It’s amazing how it has worked to get my mental and energy equivalent into alignment with that which I desire.

List your Top 3 To Do’s

What are the TOP 3 most important things you must do for the day?  For myself, the first one is almost always Client Needs, which I consider as 1 need.

After your Top 3, draw a line and list the rest, or “After 3”.  Whatever you don’t do one day, gets shifted to the next day’s list.  If you are looking for a good project management / task list tracker, Asana and Basecamp are good options.

The Challenge

Stay focused on the Top 3 and put aside the “Ooo shiney! – record them on your After 3 List.  With it written down, you can relax knowing you won’t forget about them and get back to focus on your Top 3.

Be gentle on yourself.  It’s a mindfulness practice.  You may not “get it” all at first.  However, with diligence, determination and practice, you will get good at it!

Happy positivity and productivity!!!