Sometimes, the best option for moving your stuff is to ship it.  We have worked with Navis Pack & Ship when clients need to send select items to friends and family in multiple locations.  Following are some important details to know:
  • Take and save photos of everything before packing.  Note any flaws.
  • Generally speaking, any items that are self-packed in boxes cannot be insured for loss which may occur as a result of the way things are packed.
  • For best results, have the shipper re-pack anything in boxes you wish to be insured in case of loss.
Declaration of Value aka Declarations / Valuation
  • Declaration of Value aka Declarations / Valuation must be provided to the shipper prior to pick up of your items for shipping.
  • It is up to you to provide valuations.  If you want professional support to figure out what things are worth, you can engage an appraiser.  We work with and love Foss Appraisal here in the Seattle area.  If you are not in our area, they can work with you by phone, video and email.
  • You can choose to declare some items and not others.
  • If you declare a bulk dollar amount and do not assign a per item amount, any loss will be divided evenly between the items of loss.
Shipping Times
  • Shipping times are highly variable and subject to whatever is going on in the industry.  Your items may be picked up, packed for shipping and sent promptly, or they may sit in waiting at the shipper’s warehouse until transit is available.
  • Generally, when your items arrive at the receiving shipper’s warehouse, you or the party they are being shipped to, will be contacted to arrange delivery unless your delivery is alternately arranged in writing.
  • Payment is generally due prior to shipping.