volvo_850_platinum_sedan_1996Even the wealthiest folks around are known to watch their spending and look for ways to save money.  There is a reason and a way they got to be wealthy, after all.  I love to help people save money with great resources because who doesn’t love a good hook-up?!

Following are 5 great tips for saving money on your car maintenance to help you on your road to getting or maintaining your wealth!

  1. $10 Discount on Oil Change / Free Oil Top Off:   Many places, including dealerships, have coupons for oil changes.  If you don’t have it with you, just ask the person helping you to apply the website or mailer discount.  In addition, they may top off your oil for free in between services.
  2. Free Car Washes: If you get your car washed more than 2 times a month at $10/wash, sign up for the unlimited monthly membership at Brown Bear.  At just $19.99/month, it’s the same price as 2 car washes, so anything beyond your 2 washes/month is just like getting your car washed for FREE!
  3. Free Bulb Changes and other services:  Some mechanics will change your bulbs for free if you are a regular customer.  Ask your mechanic if they offer any complimentary services between your regular maintenance visits.
  4. Free Flat Repairs and Pressure Checks:  When you get your tires at Discount Tire, they will fix your flats for free.  In addition, they will send you an email reminder when it’s time to check your air pressure, which they will also do for free.
  5. Save Money on Gas and Tires:  When you keep your tires correctly inflated, you get better gas mileage and helps your tire wear longer, which helps you save money on gas and tires.