Merkat demonstrates self careI’m a go getter. Any given day, my head is filled with 20-something+ new ideas about growing my dreams, following my dreams, creating new dreams and so forth. Honing my focus is one of my lifelong masteries. This is the cross I bear in this life time, as the saying goes. The creative, go-getter brain is fabulous when you need it – YAY! – and overwhelming when you don’t – BOO!

I’ve learned – and keep learning – that it’s all about balance. I have a love/hate relationship with that word. I love to run hard on a project – I think it’s its own adrenaline category. The unfortunate side effect is exhaustion and wellness challenges. Thus, the need for balance – darnit!  It’s a lovely – and annoying – reminder that we indeed are NOT machines. *wink*

We need to take time for ourselves, practice self-care and nourish and exercise our bodies. This means we set limits with the people and we do what we need to do for ourselves to find that sweet spot of balance.  Our divine little handicat, Merkat, is my purfect daily reminder of this art.  

Balance – She practices balance with her tail assisting, as her back legs function differently than most kitties.  Her tail curves out the left to counteract her legs jutting out to the right.  Perfection – and demonstration that even when there are challenges, you can find balance.

Nourish – When she is hungry, she eats.  She drinks plenty of water.  (This may sound obvious – but how many of us put aside eating and hydrating when we are on a productivity binge? Be honest 😉  )

Exercise & Play – Merkat has a daily exercise regimen consisting of scampering madly around the house (cardio), pulling herself up and around on the cat tree (pull ups) and whipping her back legs around to get them on the ledge (tummy crunches).   She also plays chase, pounce and hide and seek with the housemate’s cat – this doubles as play and cardio.  Independent play is important too, as demonstrated by hide and seek with daddy’s ear plugs and other small found objects!  It can exercise the creative brain, even at play time.

Setting Limits – She sets her limits with us through her communications.  When she doesn’t want to be disturbed, she walks away or gives a gentle mouth to your hand.  If you don’t mind her, her mouth gets firmer.  Now, humans may want to use words instead of just walking away from or biting someone  – but sometimes you just have to walk away from certain folk 😉

Relaxation – Of course, she has the art of relaxation divinely purrfected, as you can see in the photo.  Naps are great – never underestimate a 20 minute power nap!

Balance does not have to be so elusive.  It can be as simple as a cat makes it.  You just do it once you decide you are going to.  And within that sweet spot of balance is where your creativity and productivity thrive. Masterful plans for “world domination” flourish! We are present to rock it at work with plenty of energy to play and frolic with our loved ones. It’s the magical and superb spot when you find it.

One of my favorite playful sayings is: “It’s all a part of my plan for world domination!” It touches on my inner nerdery. But even the most masterful of beings must take time for themselves, as Merkat so purfectly demonstrates.