If you’ve dreamed of having a functional, feed-good home or home moving experience – and are limited by some of the following, say good-bye to those limitations because Virtual Organizing and Move Management Services are here!  #coronacreativesolutions #creativecoronatime #coronavirus #justsayno #cabinfever

  • You’re choosing to – or have to – stay home during the #coronavirus outbreak – and are determined to make the best of that time by tackling your home To Do list and get s**t done!
  • You are immune-compromised, so having folks in your home is like a No No Good Bad Day for you.
  • You have a limited budget which doesn’t allow for on-site, 1-1 help.
  • You live outside my service range.
  • You feel like you could DIY (Do It Yourself) if you only knew what to do, how to do it and a little hand holding would be fantastic!  You may even be suffering from Deer in the Headlights or Crossed Eyeball Syndrome.  Yes, that’s a for real thing.

How Does It Work?

  1. I do an in-depth phone or video discovery of your residential woes and what would turn them into WOWs!
  2. You send me photos.  (I show you how to best capture those images, don’t worry!)  If required, you may send measurements as well.
  3. We meet via Zoom.
  4. I send you digital copies of all the cool tools I bring to an In-Home Meet.
  5. I coach you on what steps to take and walk you through processes just like in person.  The difference is my hands aren’t there to move things around, so I coach you through that too.
  6. Same as in person, when you get stuck or have a moment, I sit with you, listen, ask questions where appropriate and be witness to your process.  We walk through that and figure out what’s the best action for you.  Sometimes it’s that one darn cassette tape that was gifted to you by someone who is no longer in your friend circle.  The tape holds bad feelings, and for some reason, you are still having a hard time letting go of it.
  7. If you need it, I can send a Space Plan and Layout Map.  My maps aren’t fancy – just hand sketched but they get the point across and you aren’t paying for fancy map creation time 😉

What Do You Need?

  • Camera
  • Post It Notes or pieces of paper and tape.
  • Boxes, bins or bags for sorting, if that is what we are doing.
  • Zoom video app or Facetime (its sometimes fussy so not always reliable)

Ready? Set. Go!

Schedule a Complimentary New Client Phone or Video Consult here. 
30 minutes on the house to discuss turning your woes into wows!

You’re on your way, making space for you!  You deserve it.  WOOT WOO!  At the end of the day, ain’t no one living your life but you so if there isn’t space for you, it’s all boohoo!