Super excited to present my newest offering to you – and those you know who desperately need it!….

Got To Dos in your home organizing and/or relocate that need TahDah!-ing?

  • You think you can do it yourself BUT it’s totally mind boggling, you don’t know where to start or break it down. So basically, you’ve put your head in the sand you’re and you’re sticking with it!
  • However, IF you had a little hand holding and accountability to get it done, maybe some ideas and resources…you could kick your butt into gear!
  • You don’t necessarily need, have time for or have budgeted having an organizer over for a 1-1 session.

Well, this could be your dream come true!! For the first time ever, I am offering the Making Space for You Virtual TahDone! & Accountability Challenge!! WOOT WOO!!

What Is It?

  • You, me and 4 others like you.
  • 2 weeks.
  • 3 Private group webinar calls.
  • Weekly group online check-in, motivation and holy crap, I’m stuck! question answering.
  • Inclusion in the shame-free zone private online Facebook group b/c solidarity in community!
  • Butt-kicking, cheerleading, woe washing, goal setting and getting and tips and tricks.
  • Possibly some nerdery, dumb jokes and comic relief.


Whats it good for?

Supporting you getting things done in your home that need doing that for whatever reason, you are not getting done when left to your own device. Support at your finger tips for a lower price bracket and some butt-kicking accountability to support the done doing!

To Dos that you might be TahDah!-ing:

  • Sorting
  • Downsizing
  • Creating systems
  • Filing
  • Organizing
  • Tidying
  • Putting away
  • ….piles, files, boxes and cloxes (ok, closets but cloxes rhymes better!)
  • Checking off your Relocate To Dos.
  • Asking questions as you do the Dos.


Why am I offering this?

I care deeply about you having a home that is feel good and functional. I know not everyone can budget the time, work with me during the hours I’m available or has the budget to work with me 1-1.

Home is sanctuary. Home is where the heart is – and if your heart is unhappy with home crap chaos, you probably have a hard time showing up in your full glory to do the good work that you do in the world. The world needs you – so I’m here to help you show up better by showing up for you in new and fun ways!


So what’s the catch?

There is no catch really.

Ok – you may catch feeling SO much better when you tick off those tasks and feel SO much better at home.

You may also catch more clients, more happy moments and more time to play because the energy suck that was those tasks is being put behind you – and you have more energy to show up!


Now, what’s the investment?

Your commitment to your self.
Some of your time.
And just $125 buckerooskies.

Ready, Set, Go!

Sign Me Up!!!