We have such a funny attachment to stuff.  Some are more attached to stuff than others.  We often attach memories to stuff and that can be why it’s so darn hard to let go of stuff sometimes.  Or sometimes we let go of it because we know it’s time – and may have a mourning process or momentary regret after.  And that’s ok.

I read this fantastic share by Nicole Kinkaid of Stuffology, a local organizing colleague whom I am so excited to have just discovered, thanks to 425 Radio on Instagram!  Nicole is like a kindred spirit – I think we are speaking the same language, just expressed slightly different.  Here is my reflection of her most recent share on letting go of things from her own closet:

…I rarely regret passing things on from my home – except that one time when we donated a bunch of old towels and the basement flooded shortly after – and funny thing is, we got by without them 😉 The world didn’t end, we didn’t die and our home was just fine.


Sometimes we have those attachments to things like all the memories that came flooding up, and I’m pretty sure good and even great things come out of passing things on – for you, it was opening up the vortex or the energetic vacuum for something you really needed and loved, like a fantastically perfect winter coat you wear til April 😀


Sometimes I dream of this pair of high-waisted, flowy black pants I had for so long when my partner and I got together. Man, those were some GREAT pants. And, truth is, those only fit because I was still recovering from being massively sick and had lost a bunch of weight. At my healthy weight, it’s unlikely I will ever fit those pants again. AND, I have pictures of me in the fancy pants so if I ever have a moment, I have a picture.


Stuff is just memories in the tangible. I find taking pictures makes the memories more tangible and you can back that stuff up 6 ways to Sunday so it’s unlikely you will ever lose that tangibility. I was finally able to pass that last box of my baby clothes on after I took pictures of them, selected a few faves to keep and passed them along to a momma with a 1 year old whom they fit. I even got a picture with her in one of the tops!

Have you let go of anything you regret doing so?  Do you still regret it or did you move through it?  What methods do you use to let go of things that are challenging to let go of?